Mission Statement

The mission of the POCA Technical Institute is to recruit and train students to provide acupuncture to underserved communities through the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture Cooperative (POCA), and to establish an academic foundation for the practice of Liberation Acupuncture.

Vision and Values

Guided by the values of cooperation, social justice, and solidarity, POCA Tech generates skilled, socially conscious, and dedicated acupuncturists who are committed to impacting their communities for the common good, with a preferential option for our neighbors who are underserved.


The specific goals of POCA Tech are to:

  1. Meet all standards for ACAOM accreditation so that our graduates can sit for the national credentialing exam (NCCAOM);
  2. Recruit students from the patient populations that POCA co-op clinics serve, with a preferential option for students from racially diverse and economically challenged backgrounds;
  3. Train students in an affordable, trauma-informed educational setting that emphasizes social justice in healthcare;
  4. Provide opportunities for students to learn organizational management through the praxis of school and clinic operations;
  5. Connect graduates with employment opportunities for licensed acupuncturists in POCA co-op clinics or support them in creating new POCA clinics in underserved areas;
  6. Develop the principles, mechanisms, and implications of Liberation Acupuncture within an interdisciplinary context, providing opportunities for its praxis through the POCA co-op clinics and its clinics.