Phyllis Spaulding, MA, MPA, MCP

Phyllis Spaulding is retired from a career in mental health services which included leadership positions in a state psychiatric hospital, community mental health centers and social service organizations.  She was CEO of the Garlington Center in Portland, OR, which was the most racially diverse community mental health center in the State of Oregon. Her interest in providing culturally appropriate services began with her work in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she organized the first NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) affiliated family support group, PCGC (People of Color of Greater Cincinnati) for families of color, which was also one of the first in the national NAMI network.  As managed care replaced the "quadrant system" of community mental health agencies in Oregon, she held a leadership position at Self Enhancement, Inc., (SEI), which serves African American youth and families in N/NE Portland, providing culturally competent support services to families with neglect and/or abuse concerns.  There was a specific focus on avoiding foster care placements for African American children by providing skills and supports to families who were at risk of losing custody of their children.  These services enabled children to remain safely with their biological families.  She has a respect and deep appreciation for multidisciplinary approaches to healthcare, understanding that complex health related problems are best treated through an integrated array of approaches and disciplines.