Program Overview

Cohort 3 Graduation

POCA Tech is not just a cheap acupuncture school; it’s a project of the POCA Cooperative. Applicants are evaluated on their potential as future workers in, and/or owners of, POCA Co-op clinics.  If you are not interested in a long term commitment to POCA do not apply.

When POCA Tech graduates enroll, they sign a commitment upon graduation to:

  • sit for the NCCAOM exam (if they will be practicing in the U.S.)
  • obtain a state license (U.S.) or provincial registration (Canada), and
  • work for at least three years in a POCA clinic, either as an employee or an owner. If there is no POCA clinic where graduates want to practice, they will be expected to start one up.

POCA Tech only exists because of an enormous amount of unpaid work done by committed POCA volnteers. POCA Tech graduates are expected not only to respect this effort, but to reciprocate with a commitment to POCA. 

Graduates will receive a Master’s level Certificate in Acupuncture, not a Master’s degree.

The program is designed so POCA members can pursue acupuncture licensure without having to move to Portland for 3 full years. POCA Tech is set up in 30 monthly sessions of four-day training modules. In the third year, students perform an intensive clinical internship in the POCA Tech student clinic for 500 hours  (20 to 25 weeks).

Each cohort is capped at 20 students, and admissions are rolling.

Western Biomedical Classes: 420 hours total (30 semester or 45 quarter credits) -- please see the second half of the FAQ page for more details

Acupuncture Classes: 840 hours

Clinical Phase: 660 hours

Total: 1920 hours