A Technical School for Acupuncturists

Acupuncture is an art you learn by doing. We believe acupuncture is a beautiful intervention, especially for marginalized people, and it deserves an entire program devoted to learning to do it with skill and with love.

Technical [tek-ni-kuh l], adjective: from the Greek (technikos of art, skillful, from technē art, craft, skill) 1. belonging or pertaining to an art, science, or the like: technical skill. 2. peculiar to or characteristic of a particular art, science, profession, trade, etc.: technical details. 3. using terminology or treating subject matter in a manner peculiar to a particular field, as a writer or a book: a technical report. 4. skilled in or familiar in a practical way with a particular art, trade, etc., as a person. 5. of, pertaining to, or showing technique. 6. technically demanding or difficult: a technical violin sonata; a technical ski run.

Acupuncture is a concentrated, minimalist, elegant way of helping people. It demands good technique. It demands that its practitioners be familiar with it in a practical way. POCA Tech is a school that is joyfully devoted to acupuncture as technē   — as art.