How to create and sign into an account on

In order to use certain POCA Tech resources, like DARLA, you'll need to sign into the website.  In order to do so you'll need to create an account and login.


Creating an account

If you have already created an account please skip to the next section otherwise follow the directions below to create an account.

Visit the Registration page

Enter a username of your choice in the Username field

Enter your email address (eg. in the E-mail Address field. Non email addresses are not allowed, so will not work.

An email will be sent to your email address with further instructions.  Please sign in to your email account and view this message.

In the message there is a verification link, click it and you will be taken to a page on where you will be propted to set up a password.

Once you have submitted your password you may sign in and out of from


Logging In to


Enter your username and password to login

If you can't rembember your username or password click the Request new password tab and use the from to request a login link be emailed to you.

This link will help you find your username and reset your password.