How to use DARLA

DARLA Keyword Search Feature
DARLA Subject Headings

First things first, you'll need to create an account and to log in.  If you haven't done that yet go do it right now and then come back.

Now that you're logged in you should be able to access DARLA.  ​

Tools for searching DARLA

DARLA is a huge resource, chock full of digital media to help you on your way through POCA Tech.  But you need to be able to find what you are looking for, right?  Here are some tools to help.

A note for mobile devices - The search features described here are going to display way, way down the page when you load DARLA.  So scroll way down past all the items you see at first glance to get to the Search DARLA section.  Once you press the Apply button, your results will be diplayed back up the page above the Search DARLA section.

Keyword Search

Find this tool (see image 1) in Search DARLA section on the right of full screen browsers.  

You can use this tool to search for terms in the title author, subject, or summary fields of an entry in DARLA.  

Just type in your search terms into the Keyword Search field and click the Apply button.  You should see a list of results in the center of your screen.

You narrow down your results by selecting items in the Filter by Type fields, and then clicking apply again.


Search by Subject

You can find this tool in the Search DARLA section just below the Keyword Search tool.

This grouping of subjects matches the categories that a resource may be assigned to in POCA Tech's physical library.  Clicking on any one of the subjects will let you see a list of resources that have been assigned to that subject.


A final acknowledgement:  DARLA displays lots of duplicate entries, in fact it will show one entry for an item for every. single. subject heading x type. angry  For example a keyword search for trauma with a Filter by type of Chart, will return Trauma Informed Care - Seeking Safety - Treatment Inovations 15 times becase this resourse has been assigned to 5 categories and matches 3 types.  This is not an optimal situation.  Wade is working on resolving this problem but is unsure when it will be fixed.  Hopefully soon.