Pre reqs and Co reqs

About Prerequisites & Co-Requisites

Infographic that shows how a POCA Tech student meets their co-requisite requirements for graduation

What do you mean by prerequisites for the POCA Tech program?

Before enrolling in POCA Tech, applicants must have completed at least 2 years (or 90-quarter credits or 60-semester credits) at an institution(s) of higher education accredited by a federally recognized accrediting agency. These are usually undergraduate college courses and/or an AA degree, but a degree is not required: only enough hours/credits.  This is also referred to as the basic education requirement. These classes may be in any subject. If you are still completing your prerequisites and have a choice about what to take, we recommend classes in biology, psychology, behavioral health, statistics, and business management. Basic classes in writing and bookkeeping are also helpful.

I don’t understand the science co-requisites. Please explain more.

ACAOM-approved acupuncture programs must include a certain amount of science (450 hours). 35 of the hours in POCA Tech’s module classes fit this criterion; we ask students to get their remaining 420 hours elsewhere.

IF students enter the program with MORE than the basic education requirement (pre-requisite of 2 years higher education), some of these prior classes may potentially qualify towards the science co-requisite requirement. Pre-requisites (the basic 2 years of higher education) cannot be counted towards science co-requisites, if that makes sense. However, if you have more than 2 years of higher education -- say, a BA degree in a science such as biology, sociology, or anthropology -- some of those classes could potentially count towards the co-requisites.

Must co-requisites be taken at an accredited program? How about online classes?

Yes, co-requisites can only be accepted if they were taken at an accredited program. Online classes are fine, as long as the institution offering them was accredited.

Are there certain science co-requisites that POCA Tech requires?

Yes! We require that students complete Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 and  Medical Terminology. A class in Pathophysiology is recommended but not currently required.

Other than those requirements, what science classes can be counted towards the co-requisite requirements?

Because of POCA Tech’s program focus in Liberation Acupuncture -- socially engaged and socially relevant acupuncture -- we accept social science classes that are relevant to our program as well as “hard” science classes. Acceptable co-requisite classes include, but are not necessarily limited to: biology, chemistry, psychology, sociology, anthropology, behavioral health, statistics, gender and sexuality studies, social work, and subsets of these disciplines. We are looking for classes which will help support critical thinking and understanding of research. Please consult the registrar if you have specific questions about classes which might qualify for the co-requisite science requirement.

I’m thinking of getting the co-requisites done first before applying to POCA Tech just so I have more time. Is that OK?

YES. We enthusiastically encourage this, especially if you’re planning to try to work a significant number of hours while in school. This will make your life much easier.