Pre reqs and Co reqs

OK, so you want to apply to POCA Tech?  Let’s walk through this together. You'll need: 


60 Semester Credits or 90 Quarter Credits from an accredited school1 to meet the admissions requirement. We do not require a degree for admission. 


This just gets you in the door. Before you graduate, you'll need to complete what are called Co-requisite classes 2. These are taken outside of POCA Tech. Should you take them before you start your journey at POCA Tech? Probably.

POCA Tech requires 28 semester or 42 quarter credits of science co-requisites3,4

  • Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2 must be taken. C’mon, you’ll be putting needles in people!

  • Biology, Microbiology, Public Health, Medical Terminology, Pathophysiology - all would qualify. There are many options and a few states have some picky licensing requirements; for example Washington state requires microbiology and biochemistry.

  • Social Science classes also count towards your science co-requisites!5. For example - sociology, psychology, gender studies, anthropology, etc

The NCCAOM exam includes a Biomedicine test, so basic health science is an important part of a POCA Tech student’s educational journey.


Lastly, what if you apply with more than 60 semester or 90 quarter credits on your transcript (i.e. you have a Bachelor's degree in Medical Anthropology or a PhD in Astrophysics)? If you have some classes that weren’t used for the admission requirement, they potentially could be counted toward our co-requisite requirement. We will consider all qualifying science classes you’ve already taken and try to apply them towards the requirement. Please contact the registrar with questions. 


1. Recognized by the US Dept. of Education

2. Co-requisites are classes taken outside of POCA Tech - i.e. community college or online provider with accreditation. 

3. Learn how to do credit math:

4. Or 420 credit hours, see above.